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CNC Punching

CNC Punching

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As a leading supplier of precision sheet metal services, Mid Fab has invested significantly in state of the art punch press technology from Trumpf, a leading provider of computer controlled sheet metal punch presses.

Our highly accurate CNC punch presses are able to produce repeatable, quality profiled flat pattern blanks to almost any shape accurately and repetitively.

This modern technology is at the core of Mid Fab’s high-speed production facility and enables automated production through the night reducing lead times.

Set up is extremely fast through the use of quick change tooling. As a result, even small batch production is cost-effective meaning that for every project however big or small, cost can be kept to a minimum for our customers. 

CAD/CAM technology

Our CNC machining centres are complimented by CAD/CAM technology enabling fast, automated programming.

"...for every project however big or small, cost can be kept to a minimum for our customers."

We can receive drawings or models from CAD systems for direct input into our CNC punching machines, or work with you to prepare and assist with design options. 

Get in touch with us

Mid Fab Developments is here to help you. Whether your enquiry is regarding CNC Punching or simply to find out more about us, the team are happy to talk to you. Email or call us on 0121 359 1641.

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