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Analogue Solutions

LSK Front Prototypes and new product testing Nyborg Telemark

After working in technical sales for various music technology companies, Tom Carpenter, Managing Director of Analogue Solutions, saw a gap in the market and spurred on by the idea to create his own range of synthesisers left the relative safety of his employed status to start his own business and Analogue Solutions was born.

Initially Tom used his industry knowledge to buy and sell vintage synthesisers which then developed into modifying and then designing his own products.

The synthesisers are based on 1970s and 1980s technology which as Toms says, “provide a sound that you don’t get with today’s digital solutions, our products produce a vintage electronic sound which has become increasingly popular.” 

Today, Analogue Solutions design and manufacture a range of true analogue synthesisers including modular, monophonic and paraphonic instruments. 

Customers come from all walks of life, from Jo Blogs in his bedroom, to music studios and more than a few pop stars.  Depeche Mode, The Human League and Grammy award winning film score composer, Trent Reznor are all Analogue Solutions customers.

Tom approached Mid Fab Developments to do the sheet metalwork for his keyboard synthesiser when he became unhappy with the bad communication, poor quality and inflexible attitude of his original supplier.  

Tom explains, “There is a lot of time and investment when you change supplier, so it wasn’t a quick or easy decision.  I was also looking for a company to supply circuit boards and a potential supplier recommended Mid Fab when I mentioned needing sheet metalwork too.”

“Mid Fab Development’s attitude filled me with confidence straight away.  They provided excellent communication, were very responsive to my emails and any questions I had.”  

“Samples were produced quickly and they also suggested ways in which the sheet metalwork could be improved, for example using specially treated steel that is rust proof.   In addition they are nice people, a pleasure to deal with.” 

Mid Fab Developments supply sheet metal fabrication for the whole keyboard synthesiser case which includes CNC punching, CNC bending, MIG and TIG welding and fastener insertion.  The case is then painted and finally screen printed. 

Manufacturing accuracy is critical to the job as the case needs to line up, so tolerances are very important.  A good paint job is vital as the finish of the surface forms part of the overall appearance of the product, the paint finish had been a problem with previous suppliers. 

As Tom says, “Quality is something you generally find out after the job starts and I am very happy with the quality of service and product supplied by Mid Fab.  Reliability is also vital.  For my business sticking to a lead time is more important to me than how long the lead time is and Mid Fab has also been excellent in this area as well.”

Tom adds, “Analogue Solutions is fortunate in that we now have the benefit of being a long established company which has built up a good reputation and earned respect within the industry.  However the market we operate in has become saturated so it is important for us to be as competitive as possible.” 

“We have differentiated against competitors by creating a different visual look with a front panel design unique to Analogue Solutions.  But part of being able to differentiate is down to working with suppliers like Mid Fab Developments who allow us to maintain our reputation for a high specification of product which existing and potential customers have come to expect from us.” 

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