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Keytracker offer the world’s best range of secure key and equipment management lockers, cabinets and storage areas to organisations across the globe. 

Whether you have keys for vehicles and machinery that need enhanced security, or equipment that needs to be monitored more effectively, Keytracker provides a secure and organised approach to key and asset management.

The company which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year has grown organically following a continuing process of market and product development. 

Their original mechanical key management system which was developed for motor dealers was introduced into other markets that require a key management process, for example, mental health hospitals and also banks. 

In the last 10 years products have evolved into electronic solutions that do more for customers , the life history of a key can now be recorded and keys are physically released only to authorised personal, for example, in a mental health institute cleaners would have access to the public areas, patients to their rooms and staff to morphine cabinets.

Ryan Slaney, Business Development Manager at Keytracker says, “We have an ongoing relationship with many of our customers and we were asked by them to provide a solution to secure, track and manage shared portable equipment e.g. laptops and mobile phones.”

As a result the “iLockerz” side of the business was developed to provide a range of electronic lockers and cabinets to secure, track and manage shared portable assets. 

 Alan Page, a CAD Designer with expertise in locker systems worked with Keytracker to design the product range.   Alan had previously worked with Mid Fab Developments on a similar project and recommended them to supply the sheet metal fabrication.

Ryan explains, “Mid Fab Developments have worked closely with us through the whole process in terms of advice on design and its manufacturability, e.g. nesting bits of metal to keep production costs to a minimum.”

Mid Fab Developments supply all the sheet metal fabrication services on the lockers including CNC punching, CNC bending, MIG and TIG welding and deburring as well as assembly:  sub assembly of the solenoid, a small, intricate part and also assembly of the lockers which have parts made out of aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel.  Bonding, aluchroming, and painting are supplied by Mid Fab Developments via long term partners. 

“We designed according to our customer requirements in conjunction with Alan and then you add the versatility of Mid Fab Developments which has resulted in a unit that has no comparison in terms of design features and security,” adds Ryan.  “Our units are double skinned 1.5mm thick steel giving extra robustness combined with a solenoid which has a slam hatch head and Mid Fab Developments has worked with us to design a locker with a 3 pin socket so laptops can be charged while in the locker”

“We are extremely pleased with our relationship with Mid Fab Developments. We originally decided to use Mid Fab because of the people and their willingness to put in a lot of work at the start of the project for what was initially small quantities.  We wanted a company that could see the potential in a future with Keytracker.”

“As a company they are very open and fair.  They work in partnership with us, especially when we want to pull something out of the bag like putting the power in and when we have had to bring lead times forward they have worked extra hard to accommodate us.”

“Our experience with Mid Fab Developments has been progressive and our relationship is still evolving.  We are looking to free up space and outsource assembly in order to do this.   We would like to give it to Mid Fab Developments. Why wouldn’t we?  They have worked hard to do a good job for us.”  

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