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We use Solidworks

28 Nov 2016

To help us deliver the highest quality design support to all our customers we have invested in 3D Solidworks technology. This gives us a powerful and accurate 3D simulation and design capability and the opportunity to collaborate with our customers’ designers and even reverse engineer projects.

Solidworks give us the ability to work with our customers and improves our design efficiency. Furthermore, it allows us to design solutions confident we can manufacture designs direct from the software.

Using Solidworks improves our customer relationships. We work much more closely with our customers; reviewing and collaborating with their design process, confident that any finally agreed design can be delivered by our manufacturing team. Many of our customers use Solidworks themselves but for those who don’t we can export files in several file extensions to ensure we give the best design service to all our customers. 

For more information about how we use Solidworks check our website

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