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New Developments for Mid-Fab

Haeger 824 Window Touch 4e Lite

19 Jun 2018

There is no doubt it has been an interesting year so far (see our blog 26th April).  Political confusion abounds around Brexit and US trade disputes while, economically raw material costs and the value of Sterling continue to throw a veil of uncertainty over the business community.

So, it’s perhaps strange that we are so busy.  Or perhaps not because we have been working to a plan.  Considerable work has been done to identify our key market sectors so we can focus our resources for the best return.  We then developed a plan to communicate effectively with the market place.  We have invested in a brighter, content-rich website; adopted an online communications plan using a new email and social media platform and finally, we have begun to attend exhibitions and trade shows.

All this investment has had its effect on the business.  With enquiries, orders and production all rising it was almost inevitable we would need to invest in equipment.  Our first move has been to replace our fastener machine with a new Haeger 824 Window Touch 4e Lite. The key advantage of this new machine is one of efficiency.  The auto-feeders allows us to run several tasks without re-setting thus speeding production through a process that had been a problem to us.

Nor, we suspect, will this be the last investment made in equipment.  We are certainly looking at other opportunities but in the meantime, we are happy to be investigating the opportunities offered by our new acquisition.

In the meantime, we are delighted to welcome Paul and Warren to the business.  Both production operatives, they are joining us to help deliver our products to the quality standards and timescales demanded by our growing customer base.

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