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23 Jul 2019

We continue to read about the woes of the British economy.  Apparently it is slowing to a standstill as the “Stockpiling Effect” ahead of Brexit declines.  Businesses who were previously building to stock levels as part of Brexit planning are watching the political machinations in Westminster with more and more dismay while working on their contingency plans.
However, our experience is rather different.  As part of our continuing strategy we are looking at more manufacturing space and have found two things in doing so.  Firstly, there is very little suitable space around.  We have hunted through the commercial agents offerings to find very little.  And, secondly, the sites we do find are very expensive.  And don’t get me started on the Business Rates!
So, we can only assume that the lack of space is due either to businesses taking new space to store their Brexit stockpile or, like us, the Manufacturing Sector is actually busier than we are given credit for.

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